Saturday, May 2, 2009


Mr.FAKE IPL PLAYER has thrown up very interesting revelations...Cricketers of all hue and cry are enjoying the warmthness of South African petites!!! Not that it was a secret but information which was confided within the realms of the cricketing fraternity including the ubiquitous journalists!!

From Little John to Little Monster...from Mangal Pandey to Lordie...Bijlani to Roy...Nagma to Padukone...the list goes on and adds up too!!

What is it that makes this combo so hot??? Power!!! Or is it success??? Or is it a combo of glamour, power and the "need to arrive" that makes the bees swarm to mate!! What makes Lordie to marry a certain Bollywood star only to negate it...or a former Indian captain to fall in the laps of a certain Khan-ex??

What makes them put their hard-earned careers at stake...a career, which not only boasts of a short-shelf life but where people are waiting to usurp at the slightest possible opportunity!!

What makes a certain Mrs Sen -- and mother of two offspring -- to spend within the confines of Mr. Khan’s room??? Or a soap opera to derive a legacy from Mr. Jamaican calypso??

Is this what astrology defines as the conjunction of VENUS and MARS...Beauty in the realms of power or is it "power & success" hunting for devineness..or it that the "pressures of pull" are from all and sundry???

Can I explain this as a manifestation of success!! Recognition a by-product or rather a knock-on effect of success?? Isn’t Recognition is what drives people to "Citius, Altius, Fortius!!! From Ronaldo to Mr.Clinton to the mundane Auto driver..isn't that what drives people to excel..the need or the urgency to be recognized by the society at large!!!

So, why this indiscretion??? Is it over-confidence or is it arrogance which leads successful men and women to philander?? While, am not the first and surely wont be the last to speculate on the cause and the effect...common sense in me tells that the "Achilles tendon" is the "Methodology of dealing with recognition"...a miss, a slip and you have hit the highway of the Road to Hell!!!

Recognition, a sub-set of success is a functional dynamic process...its fickle and sitting on the edge of a precipie..Be in it's empathy but if are in it's sympathy..there are chances that one might lose its foothold!! Did i hear somebody purring "Monroe"??? Or a-la-desi-Kambli???


  1. but do they really put their careers at stake??? methinks no. their is more to their careers than indiscretions.

  2. Not that put it purposefully!!! No idiot living or dead wld do it!! but, just that it slips out of hand even while they are under the impression that they are in control