Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ideas of MARCH

Its been sometime that have now moved away from journalism. Although, still very much a journalist at heart...the labourer in me has moved away from writing on "business functions" to managing the "functions of business".

The lean fingers have now become more supple...It always happens when you stop exercising you tend to add adipose tissues...the fingers long used to frantic keying -- a more than half-a-decade of daily business reporting -- now finds solace at the mails, which are at best five lines.

Having written about corporates and their way of functioning...whats good for the shareholders (all journos are institution-appointed-business-police) and whats not and why and why not...i realize that putting all those questions and principles of management into practice is intensely difficult. But, what you gain is...you learn the art of setting-up a process, the art of business-discipline....you are nurturing the banyan when its small and spreading its roots...so when tomorrow comes with the cyclical business curve..one will stay ahead of the curve...just like the banyan tree which not only survives the storm and thundershowers but goes on to become bigger and bigger.

We will call this perspective Business@outside.in