Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Strange it is...!!!

How officials (read: management) suddenly develops thick skin!!! I wonder whether its being biologically gifted or a case of psychological abuse over the years that helps this specimen to change colours and skin texture at the slightest whiff !!!

Sample this:
"The coach has tremendous respect..." ...In other words the coach knows that he can twist their dicks as and when he wants to...so be good boys and do what i WANT!

"...to have them hang around if he does not think they will play"...which means why have them waste money when i can accomodate my favourites...at least they will get to tour SA not on my account but on somebody else!!!

Yes guys, am talking of IPL, KKR and its management!!!

It shudders me to think that these guys (read: KKR management and coachie) absolutely doesnt have any respect for the players -- coz they think that they pay and so within ones right to molest their dignity as and when they want. Am sure, such obnoxious behavior is enough to make Abraham Lincoln cring in his grave while that old Mandela must be straining his sinews for another "Charge Of The Light Brigade"

Or else, i guess, its time for another Lenin to rise amongst the cricketers for a call of MAY DAY!!

Moving on...The FAKE IPL PLAYER is attracting enough eyeballs...am sure this will indirectly help Modi to shoot his TRP ratings!!! NO need of sincilating performances and booby shaking PYTs. The FAKIE has done enough to rouse interests of all hue and sundry!!!

And, i must tell you a thing...what he is saying is true!!! If it wasnt there wldnt been such a sharp reaction from the KKR management...imagine SKR and JB running for cover to float their own blogs..HA HA HA!!! Run Lola run!!!

And oh man ..the sensex has again started to chug!!! It might not be at its best but seem to be getting out of its inertia of rest...Warming itself for another shot at the top...who knows whether it turns out to be a damp squib!!! My guess, this is a false start!!!

Q4 results are out!!! Am sure most of the auditors had a hectic and sleepless last quarter in trying to cover-up the fudging!!! I hope they have done and are still doing an excellent job otherwise more Satyams are just waiting round the corner to happen!!!