Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We just celebrated 'HER' 62nd birthday!! And, every time I celebrate her b'day and sing her song…an eerie feeling overcomes me…as the feeling of 'I/ME' gives way to 'WE'...the feeling of patriotism engulfs me...the feeling of pride, love, affection, brotherhood!!!

As a nation we have arrived...Indians as a percentage of being global are higher in the pecking order than they were a decade back...and here am not talking of the PIOs and NRIs who have already conquered various shores in different aspects of life. Am talking of Indians based out of India!!

We have a stronger economy, higher GDP which means more consumption, intellectual powers, advanced scientific innovations and so on and so forth...But, amidst all these conquests we haven't been able to eliminate the very lacunae that had severed us many seasons ago...the lacunae that consummated many lives and left thousands homeless...Worse, i guess, we are breeding that lacunae to serve our purpose as and when we want to!!

Otherwise, how else would one explain the drama of a certain Mr.Hasmi -- a failing movie star -- to hog headlines on prime time national television. Exploit the minority card...whip up communal feelings...and lo and behold suddenly masses starts taking cognizance of a star...more like a certain Miss Shetty resuscitating her sagging career on the back of racial abuse!

But, there’s a difference – while, one rose trying to defend her motherland…the other wants to benefit by dividing her motherland…It’s akin to killing the lady who gave birth to you, brought you up, gave you an identity, respect and the most important of all LOVE.

And, yet!! At the very first opportune moment he does exactly the opposite... stabs HER and his majority brethren…EN TU BRUTUS!!

Has the Hasmis forgotten 1947 when the country was divided along communal lines…a country that was etched out on religion lines…are these Hasmis trying to repeat 1947??...stoke the same feeling, foment trouble to serve their cause?? Otherwise how does one explain his statement that confusion arose out of miscommunication when the world did hear whatever he and his uncle proclaimed only a week back. Trust our ears, Mr.Hashmi!!

I was wondering what to present HER!! I don’t think need to look around any further…the gift of ‘UNITY’…the resolve to join hands and boycott people like HASMIs…people who are selfish, petty and driven by ones motives and destructive desires…people who doesn’t see life beyond themselves.